Coin Operates Pc Computers

Coin Operated Computers

Besides computer games we build we extended the manufacture of computers on sale to entertainment, hotels, cafeterias, playgrounds. With greater security, the latest technology, and greater performance gain contribute to the success of your business. timecharge computer system that accepts all coins. 
Security from external attacks.(Hackers).

Air time charges Active Coin

  • It has an electronic purse for the main administrator and someone user.
  • Locks the computer from malevolent uses.
  • Accepts all kind of coins.
  • Ρυθμίζεται για το χρόνο που αντιστοιχεί στο κέρμα.
  • By starting the computer is given time to prepare the computer.
  • Stops the keyboard, mouse, up to accept coin.
  • Does not accept coins until the computer is ready.
  • Remember the rest of the time in case of power failure or computer crash.
  • Ability Bonus time setting.
  • Time display on the screen.
  • Remaining time reminder on the screen for two minutes rest time. (adjustable)
  • Computer restarts after the end time

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